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Inventors Inventions

Andrew J. Beard

A special kind of engine called the “Jenny Coupler,” and the Rotary Stem Engine

Benjamin Banneker

Wooden Clock

Benjamin Montgomery

Propeller for Stemboats

Bessie Blount

Feeding Tubes for the handicapped (particularly war victims)

Charles Armstrong

Diving Suit

Charles H. Turner

“Turner’s Cycling,” which showed how humans compared to animals & insects

Charles R. Drew

Researched the nature of human blood and created what has become known as “Blood Banks”

Charles W. Buggs

Conducted special research on why some bacteria (germs) don’t react to certain medicines

Daniel H. Williams

Performed the first Open Heart Surgery without the aide of X-rays, etc. (and the patient lived 20 lives after)

Daniel Johnson

Rotating Table

Elijah McCoy

Ironing Board, Water Sprinkler, & an Automatic Oiling Machinery known as “The Real McCoy”

Ernest W. Just

Devoted a lifetime of study & function of the cell (cytology) & how eggs are fertilized & babies born

Frederick M. Jones

1 st Portable X-Ray Machine, a Self-Starting Gasoline Motor, a Sound System in a Movie Theatre, Standard Refrigerator Design for all Army & Marine Field Kitchens, & the devices that deliver tickets & spill out change at Movie Box Offices. Jones received over 60 patents; 40 of them in refrigeration equipment.

Garrett A. Morgan

Safety Helmet Breathing Device & the

Automatic Stop Sign (Traffic Light)

George Washington Carver

Planted the peanut, sweet potatoe, & soybean; found over 300 uses of the peanut, such as: peanut butter, ink, shaving cream; plastic, laundry soap, rubber; paint, linoleum, mayonnaise; paper, shampoo, polish(metal & shoes); chilli sauce, buttermilk, instant coffee; bleach, meat tenderizer, & axle grease just to name a few

Geroge R. Carruthers
(1940 - )

A special Camera that made the trip to the moon aboard the Apollo 16 in 1972

Granville T. Woods

Automatic Air Brake; Steam Boiler Furnace; & a system for measuring the proximity of a Train

H.C. Webb
(1864 - ?)

The Webb Palmetto Grubbing Machine, a Barrel Stave Machine, & a special kind of Drill

J. Ernest Wilkins, Jr.
(1923 - )

Contributed skills to the study & development of Auto-matic Power & part owner of a firm which designed & developed nuclear reactors for creating Atomic Power

James Forten

A Device for handling large heavy sails of big ships

Jan Ernst Matzeliger

Shoe Making Machine

John B. Christian
(1927- )

A variety of revolutionary lubricants that saved pilots’ lives in combat, & contributed the success of the astronauts’ mission on the moon

Julius Hart

3 Aerial Bombs

Lewis H. Latimer

The Fine Carbon Wire which lights up in Edison’s Bulbs (an original “Edison Pioneer”)

Louis T. Wright

Originated a method of operating on Fractures about the Knee Joint, a Brace for Fractures of the Spine, and a Vaccination against Smallpox

Madam C.J. Walker

1 st women to become a millionaire of any race through developing hair-care products for blacks (not the straightening comb; it’s unknown who developed that)

Meredith Gourdine

Made High-Voltage Electricity from gas, which resulted in refrigeration for preserving foods, supplying cheap power for heat & light in homes, burning coal more efficiently, making sea water drinkable by removing its salt, an exhaust purifying device for cars...

Norbert Rillieux

Sugar-Refining Process

Otis Boykin

Devised the control unit in Artificial Heart Simulators; a Variable Resistor Device used in many guided missiles; Small Components used in IBM computers; Burgular-Proof Cash Register; a Chemical Air Filter, and the Pace Maker

Percy Julian

Found a Remedy for Arthiritis

Rufus Stokes

Air Purification Device

Sambo Jackson

Modern Ice Cream

Samuel Scottron

Adjustable Mirror

Theodore K. Lawless

Became a millionaire due to him contributed to a better understanding of Syphilis, leprosy, and established the best known skin clinic in Chicago

Vance H. Marchbanks, Jr. (1905-1973)

Designed a Gas Mask Testing Device, & discovered a method of Measuring Fatigue in pilots

William A. Hinton

“Hinton-Davies Test,” used to detect Syphilis


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