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RESULTS: Resident Testimonials

"Somerville was a great experience and I made a lot of friends who will help me achieve my goals. There is definitely a bond created through the experience and I have brothers and sisters as an outcome of my freshman year on the floor. I had a lot of help with my academic and business ventures as I also learned numerous life lessons while staying amongst my peers. Somerville was the first to inform me of the numerous activities on campus and it encouraged me to be involved in campus life. The Resident Advisors care about the students and create ways for the floor to bond with one another which is helpful when entering a college campus for the first time. It brings similar personalities and cultures together and allows new students to create and maintain friendships."

Marcus Payne
Communications Major, Music Industry Minor

"My experience on Somerville place was my first taste of real growth here at USC. Although I lived with others who looked like me, I quickly learned that Somerville cultivated and encouraged a diversity of talents, personalities and perspectives that helped prepare me for the real world that we live in, and that I'm about to come face-to-face with in the next couple of months. Some of the people I met during my time on the floor almost four years ago are my closest friends today, and I'm so fortunate to have met them and to have been awarded such an invaluable experience. Never a dull moment and always an adventure, Somerville was truly my first home away from home."

Ashlee Holmes
International Relations major, Managing Human Relations minor
Somerville 2005-2006

“Somerville was a good experience as well as a learning experience for me. The biggest thing I appreciate about Somerville was that I had 31 friends almost automatically when I started at USC. I met some of my closest friends on Somerville. But it also challenged me. I had many experiences on Somerville that gave me chance to make my own decisions and learn from them. I had some good experiences and some bad ones, but it was definitely worth it!”

Christopher Whitenhill
Public Policy & Urban Planning Major
Somerville 2005-2006

“Although California is my home, Los Angeles is a big city and I didn’t know anyone when I first came to USC. Luckily, living on Somerville helped give me the opportunity to be around a strong group of friends and a solid community. I know other students who lived off-campus somewhere and they had a difficult time meeting new people because it seemed like all the other students already knew each other. They say life in and after college is not always about what you know, but who you know, and people in Somerville have made long lasting friendships.”

Kola Popoola
Cinematic Arts (Production) Major
Somerville 2006-2007

“Somerville was the home away from home that I needed. In coming to a new institution it offered me 31 new friends and a support system full of people who believed in me and the potential I had as a young leader. It helped me grow and learn about different people preparing me in ways I never thought it would in my external life on campus. It was a fun experience that I will always remember.”

Bridgette Jackson
Business Administration Major, dual concentrations in entrepreneurial studies & marketing
Somerville 2005-2006

“Being part of the original Somerville cohort was an exciting experience for me. I stumbled across the opportunity to live on Somerville, which was one of the best things that helped in my transition to college. My cultural awareness began to expand while living on Somerville helping me realize that the black community was so diverse and that there was so much more that I needed and could learn about my own culture and my people. We had so much fun that first year and many of us remain best of friends. Somerville has come a long way over the years and is still evolving to meet the needs of students today.”

Syreeta (Greene) Aboubaker
Public Policy and Management Major (1999)
Somerville 1995-1996

“Somerville 07 was a great year! It was a home away from home. The RA’s made the floor what it was, including myself, helping not to just be active in the black community but in USC as a whole. Staying on Somerville helped me stay well informed about events, activities, and organizations on campus. It helped me develop as a young man, making the transition to live away from home less complex. If not for Somerville, I think other students would not know the type of people they know today, especially in the black community. Somerville does not force you to just hang out with black students, but it enhances the opportunity to hang out with black students when you want to.”

Charles Jacobs
Undeclared (interested in Communications)
Somerville 2007-2008

“I cannot imagine my freshman college experience without being a Somerville scholar. Somerville played a crucial role in my transition into college life. It was a privilege to be around such a strong sense of community that was also well integrated into the larger African-American community. If I were not on Somerville, I know that I would not have met half of the wonderful people that I have met, I would not have become a part of the organizations that I am involved in, and I would not have been exposed to as much of the black community on campus. Somerville was not only a cultural support system, but the network helped all of us keep informed about academic, social, and leadership opportunities on campus as well. Many of the scholars from my year are excelling not only in their academics, but have become leaders in the black community as well as the campus community. Somerville was a wonderful training ground to help us hone our leadership skills, as well as communication and study skills. The connections that I have made with people on the floor have really proved to be quality and long lasting. Somerville helped me find a closer family within the Trojan family.”

Breanna Morrison
Policy, Planning and Development, emphasis Urban Planning
Somerville 2007-2008


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